".....'Hack-proof' quantum internet networks closer to reality"

"A powerful quantum internet that's impervious to hacking is a little closer to reality thanks to breakthroughs outlined in two new studies this week.

But an expert warns the super-secure quantum-based network may still be at least a decade away.

Quantum physics and the pursuit of an "unhackable" internet rely on a phenomenon known as entanglement, a process where a pair of particles —photons, for instance — behave like a single particle, even when separated by distance."

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"Here's What You Really Need to Know About Coconut Oil"

"You've probably seen headlines over the weekend that state coconut oil is worse for you than butter, lard, and beef drippings.

Those claims have emerged following a new review paper from the American Heart Association (AHA), which talks about the role of dietary fats in reducing heart disease risk. Coconut oil got special notice in this review, and here's why."

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